Big Cedar Lodge

Big Cedar Lodge (Missouri)

  • By Thomas M
  • Destinations
  • 20.06.2016

The Big Cedar Lodge is more than happy to host you no matter the purpose of your visit. You’ll surely find it easy to feel at home during your stay. These are only 5 reasons we should go to Big Cedar Lodge (Missouri).

Enjoy horse related activities
Nature and horse lovers may want to explore the surroundings either on the back of a horse, or by riding in a carriage. The kids can enjoy a pony ride for the first time. Here’s an important tip: it is better to ask for a specific experience if you can’t find it listed in the offer.

Explore Dogwood Canyon Nature Park
Like most other parks, Dogwood Canyon has trails for walking, riding a bike, or for horseback  riding. Additionally, you can also try your luck at fishing for trout. You should probably check out one of the guided tram tours though.

Connect with your inner painter
One of the most popular activities at this lodge is the Paint and Pour, opened to the public. While not free of charge you will receive an apron to take home, 2 glasses of wine, water, and soda, while having the supplies provided during class.

Rustic camping
It seems like everyone has been asking for this activity. You can relax right under the stars while eating campfire beans and grilled steak. The whole setting has a cowboy theme that everybody seems to love. This activity is usually booked by groups with the purpose of becoming closer.

Unique shopping
Sometimes no matter how prepared you are for a vacation you can still realize you could have needed an items that is now miles away at home. If for instance you discover the pillows are not as clean as you’d hope, stop by the lodge’s store selling special pillow covers and other bed accessories.