Grouse Mountain Lodge

Grouse Mountain Lodge (Montana)

  • By Thomas M
  • Destinations
  • 20.06.2016

The Grouse Mountain Lodge has an experience of 30 years in accommodating guests in search for an unique adventure. Here are the top 5 reasons we should go to Grouse Mountain Lodge (Montana), specially selected for everyone who is not familiar with this destination.

Get Spa treatment
Going to the Spa at this lodge is  one of the best experiences to go through. Among the services offered, you can choose waxing, a couples treatment in the couple room, and shellacs. If you want to pay less you can choose one of the special packages available.

Enjoy some summer golf
For instance, playing golf is one of the best ways to relax your mind. There is a 36 hole golf course right next to the lodge. Additionally there are several other golf course near-by, the farthest one being just 45 minutes away. If you ask the concierge about other golf courses, be sure to find out more.

There are few people who don’t like to fish. You should know by now that catching fish is possible in summer, but also in autumn. The “perfect fish” can only be found in Flathead Valley, Montana. Make sure to arrange a fishing trip for half or full day with the concierge first.

If you love winter, you love skiing. There are more ways of enjoying this popular winter activity, you just have to be physically prepared. Other winter activities include riding a sled pulled by dogs,  ice skating, or the sleigh rides.

Ride a horse
Riding a horse in spind while staying at the Grouse Mountain Lodge will surely be an adventure worth remembering. Horse rides are available starting in spring. Keep in mind that spring offers many other types of passing the time available during the other seasons as well, such as skiing or fishing.