Buckhorn Lake State Resort

Buckhorn Lake State Resort (Kentucky)

  • By Thomas M
  • Destinations
  • 20.06.2016

Even if you like spending your days at the office, you should consider taking some time off once in a while. Check out the main 5 reasons we should go to Buckhorn Lake State Resort, one of the most beautiful areas of Kentucky!

Go fishing & boating
If you chose to stay at Buckhorn Lake State Resort, you are probably an active person who likes to have fun. In that case, try fishing and boating on the Kentucky River. The resort allows anyone to rent a boat and go fishing, and its Marina features 95 slips.

Eating at Bowlingtown Country Kitchen
The restaurant can accommodate up to 220 guests, and includes a couple of private areas for parties and events. Bowlingtown Country Kitchen only serves dishes made with fresh ingredients, and features several menus for kids, as well. You can have a nice lunch or a romantic dinner here for the duration of your stay.

Host a business event
If you are searching for a business meeting location, Buckhorn Lake State Resort is a good place for it. The resort contains a conference room suitable for events, meeting and interviews. The space includes fireplaces and glass windows for a glimpse of the scenic mountain views.

If you have an interest in birds, you can see get a view of many different species straight from the hotel's dining room. Go take a walk on the Moonshine Hollow Trails for a chance to see several Woodland Species.

Elk Watching
This cool tour is scheduled at various times of the year, so you may want to check the dates for more info. The tour package includes a continental breakfast, a history presentation, and transportation. You should make sure to bring some warm clothes with you, as the weather conditions are not always favorable!