InterContinental at the Plaza

InterContinental at the Plaza (Kansas)

  • By Thomas M
  • Destinations
  • 20.06.2016

Many people need to feel comfortable on their vacation, so the hotel you choose is important. If you need to know the differences between a prestigious hotel and smaller ones, here are the 5 reasons we should go to InterContinental at the Plaza.

The Oak Room and Bar
Many guests like to head over to the Oak Room, where live bands perform 3 nights a week. You can eat and drink while listening to your favorite music, or just enjoy the company of your friends. The Oak Bar also offers live music performances, lounge chairs and delicious cocktails.

Take a trip to the Nelson Atkins Museum
The museum is located in the hotel's vicinity and includes beautiful pieces of art, such as paintings and sculptures. With over 30.000 different exhibits, the museum is a must see in Kansas City, and an important touristic attraction.

Go to the Loose Park and Rose Gardens
If you like taking walks, check out the gorgeous Loose Park. This well known park is the ideal location for an early morning walk or a Sunday picnic. During the summer season, the park is the host for various cool events like ballet. Your children will be able to spend some time in nature, surrounded by flowers and trees.

Shop at the Crown Center
If you are visiting Kansas City for the first time, you will surely want to do some shopping. The Crown Center includes many high end stores but also souvenir shops. You can walk around and purchase clothing and accessories, jewelry, or relax and have a coffee when you feel tired.

See the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art
Situated only about 15 minutes away from the hotel, this museum also features a cozy coffee shop and restaurant. Remember to check out the beautiful Sculpture Gardens!