Hilton President Kansas City

Hilton President Kansas City (Kansas)

  • By Thomas M
  • Destinations
  • 20.06.2016

The Hilton hotels are always equipped with modern facilities, and the one located in Kansas City does not disappoint, either. If you still need to know more, get ready to read the 5 reasons we should go to Hilton President Kansas City.

Dine at the The Drum Room Lounge
If you are looking for a unique place to have dinner at, The Drum Room Lounge is the one you need. The restaurant is not new, and has been open ever since the 40's. Over the time, many celebrities dined here, so the restaurant is definitely the right choice for a relaxing evening. The Drum Room Lounge remains a casual restaurant, suitable for your family as well.

Engage in sports
The Hilton President gives its guests the chance to engage in numerous activities, such as golf, fishing, basketball and jet skiing. All the activities can be enjoyed by you and your friends at any time, and for an affordable cost.

Plan your own event
Some guests come to the Hilton President to celebrate an anniversary or hold an important business meeting. In this case, the hotel allows you to organize your own event and get all the privacy you need. The 8 meeting rooms are equipped with modern technology, including free wi-fi.

Visit the Power & Light Entertainment District
The district features some of the city's best restaurants, but also shops and designer boutiques. Everything is located within walking distance from the Hilton President hotel. If you want to go somewhere else, the hotel has a shuttle service you can use.

Take advantage of a special offer
Have a look at all the special packages the Hilton President hotel offers before making a booking. Some packages are targeted towards large families who need a short vacation, while other are best suited to a romantic getaway.