America's Paradise Resort

America's Paradise Resort (Kentucky)

  • By Thomas M
  • Destinations
  • 20.06.2016

Take a few days off to enjoy a Kentucky vacation. Perhaps you don't know what hotel to stay at yet, so check the 5 reasons we should go to  America's Paradise Resort. The hotel is family friendly, and the ideal destination for a large family.

Have fun with your kids
There are many activities they young kids can enjoy at America's Paradise Resort. The hotel features a large outdoor pool, and organizes event like movie nights and karaoke nights. Your kid can also learn how to prepare a slushie!

Learn how to fish
Take your boat out on the river and go fishing for a few hours. The Kentucky Lake offers excellent fishing opportunities, and includes species such as bass and catfish. If you never tried fishing before, America's Paradise Resort can provide you with a fishing guide.

Boat Rentals
If you didn't come prepared with your own boat, you can always rent a boat here. There are 3 different types of boats you can choose from, and prices start with $165 for a full day. Renting a boat will allow you to go swimming on the river, go fishing or just explore the Kentucky River and its beauty.

The Marina at Paradise
After you rent a boat, you may want to head over to the Marina where you can get a slip for an affordable fee. This is the place where you can get your boat repaired or fueled whenever needed!

Go on a shopping trip
Shopping is always a fun activity during a short vacation. If you stay at America's Paradise Resort, you will be able to locate many larger and smaller stores nearby, including antique shops. You can buy a thoughtful souvenir for your loved ones back home, treat yourself to a new t-shirt or maybe purchase boat supplies.