• By Thomas M
  • Destinations
  • 20.06.2016

As any other mom in Amman, the task of coming up with exciting activities for my munchkins is a dilemma. Being a mom of two energetic boys, a 5 year old and 2 year old, the need for planning an outing at least once or twice a week is a necessity. In support of our precious city Amman I'll be sharing lovely experiences O, Lous and I had around the city! Here are the most interesting outings and activities we've enjoyed in the past couple of months

1. Parks There are many parks located in each and every area across Amman. 2 of our favorites are Al shuhada'e (Martyrs) park, located right across from Abdulhameed Sharaf School Deir Ghbar, and Al Diyar park behind Cosmo Grocery Store Abdoun. They both have sand, swings, slides and monkey bars in addition to sufficient space for a bike ride.

2. Stroll on Rainbow Street We usually start with a bite at Shawermize it, the boys love their Shawerma! We fill our tummies at the view point overlooking the huge flag and try to count the roof tops for fun, trying to reach 100! We continue our walk and stop at Cafe des Artiste to enjoy painting, coloring and their delicious lemon mint juice. To wind down and end our day, we stop by the Good book shop for the bed time story, a must for my precious O.

3. Fun Fridays! As usual, Fridays start with a good breakfast of brunch! Our favorite manaeesh place is Abu Khamees bakery in Sweifieh. As for the days we crave ka'aek, we head to Salah ll Deen bakery the best ka'aek place in Amman specially their grilled eggs. Its located down Al Abdali Street after the first set of lights on the right. After we're done with breakfast, we head to the marvelous Souk Jara for a stroll and to meet friends and family along the way. Kids love the hustle and bustle around the souk with the various vendors, specially the honey vendor where he has a display of bees and makes the kids try different kinds of honey.